Patent Attorney & Legal Team

Our Intellectual Property Team

Our team is composed of a group of educated and experienced individuals representing decades of practical engineering and legal experience involving multiple industries.

Jeff Williams is an experienced mechanical engineer and lawyer that consults closely with clients in a strait forward and clear manner. He brings a particular set of strengths and unique perspectives to the firm. Together with Andrew Rodionov, they both bring a unique mix of engineering and intellectual property knowledge that makes us a well rounded intellectual property law firm. Please contact us to discuss any of your intellectual property needs.

Areas of Expertise

We maintain expertise and experience in a wide variety of engineering and legal disciplines. We have engineering and legal experience in industries such as:

Particular areas of focus have been in topics such as:

  • Flight control systems
  • Composites
  • Medical equipment
  • Computer applications
  • Oil field equipment and tools
  • Electronics

Invention Engineering

We associate directly with various engineers to provide guidance focused on manufacturing, development, and modeling of inventions. As a group, we represent over four decades of practical engineering experience and real world legal experience. Together we provide capable and tailored legal and invention engineering support to every client in Dallas and Houston.

We are a smaller boutique intellectual property law firm with a local Texas based patent attorney and trademark attorney in Houston, Dallas and Arlington. Our goal is to maintain efficient systems and procedures to permit cost effective representation, all while being accessible to our clients. Our staff works to ensure consistency in the office and maintain the same standard of quality every client expects and deserves.

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