4 Occasions When You Need a Patent Lawyer

If you’ve got a new idea, no matter whether it’s an idea for a new technological invention or for a new, revolutionary type of business, you might be in need of a patent lawyer. Patent lawyers specialize in all forms of intellectual property, including: patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Any individual or business looking to bring to market a new or revolutionary product or service should consult with a patent attorney. The main reason is that a patent attorney can advise you on every aspect of intellectual property, patents included. Patent attorneys perform various functions, and there are various instances when you might find yourself in need of a patent lawyer throughout your venture.

It should be noted that patents do not give you the right to make, use or sell your invention. Rather, they exclude other people from making, using, selling or importing your invention in a particular geographic location. Basically, patents are set into place to protect a new idea that you’ve come up with for a set period of time. Patent law can be extremely complicated and often can trip up the inexperienced; therefore, you should seek the advice of qualified patent attorneys like the ones at our law office. We specialize in assisting clients in all forms of intellectual property and can navigate the pitfalls of protection in the best possible way for your needs.

Our patent attorneys here at the Williams IP Law specialize in patent law and trademark law in Dallas, TX. We’re here to help not only inventors but also businesses and entrepreneurs seeking intellectual property right protection. We stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and laws governing patents and trademarks, and other forms of intellectual property.

Getting a Patent Application

One instance where you need a patent attorney is when you’re applying for your patent. A patent attorney has the proper knowledge, skill and know-how to conduct any necessary research to determine whether your idea actually warrants a patent. After conducting research, the lawyer can then craft, file and prosecute your patent application to the end of the process. Oftentimes, the patent application reviewer will find errors or points in your application that need more explanation or revision, and having an experienced patent attorney on your side can ensure that the application process goes as smoothly as possible.

Going Through Patent Litigation

Another instance when you might require the assistance of a patent attorney is when there is an infringement of your property rights. Just as you would require a criminal defense attorney to defend you against any criminal charges, you should seek the assistance of a patent lawyer when somebody has infringed upon your trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual properties. Patent lawyers can do everything from filing an opposition for you to representing you in a court of law throughout your copyright infringement cases. On the flip side, if you are accused of copyright infringement, patent lawyers can defend you from such accusations as well.

Licensing Challenges

Sometimes licensing challenges might arise with intellectual property rights, and patent lawyers like those at our law office are the ones to turn to when you need these challenges tackled. Patent lawyers know the appropriate procedures and tactics to take to combat licensing challenges and ensure that your patents, trademarks and copyrights stay legal and intact. For instance, if you grant a license to another party to make and use your patented articles, you need to make sure that everything is done clearly, concisely and according to the book to help prevent any future challenges. Patent lawyers are just the ones to oversee licensing and any obstacles pertaining to it.

Negotiating Contracts

You might also be in need of a patent lawyer if you’re in the process of negotiating a contract. Patent lawyers can ensure that your best interests are kept in mind when you’re negotiating terms with other individuals or businesses. For instance, when you license off your artwork, making sure that you negotiate a good royalty deal is essential for ensuring that you maximize your profits. Patent attorneys can ensure that you receive the best royalties, terms, gross and net sales and deductions for the licensing of your patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property.

No matter what type of intellectual property you need, assistance from a patent lawyer within our team of attorneys is more than amply equipped to assist you.

Author: Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams is an experienced mechanical engineer and lawyer that consults closely with clients in a strait forward and clear manner.  He brings a particular set of strengths and unique perspectives to the firm.    
 Jeff received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University in 2005.  He was an engineer for a number of years at a number of large corporations before pursuing his law degree.  He graduated from Texas A&M University School of Law (formerly Texas Wesleyan University School of Law) with a J.D. in 2010.  By combining his education and prior work experience into the field of intellectual property law, Jeff has developed key skills to fully assist clients.