Most Counterfeit Categories

Products Most Likely to be Counterfeited

  • Have you ever been tempted by a Rolex with a price that seemed too good to be true?
  • What about a Coach handbag with an unbelievable price tag?

With the proliferation of websites that empower third-party sellers, it has become increasingly common to see counterfeit goods flooding the marketplace.

Unfortunately, counterfeit products are more harmful than most people realize. When people choose to purchase a knock-off as opposed to the real thing, then American businesses are hurt through the loss of considerable revenue. Moreover, consumers run the risk of being injured by inferior and faulty electronic parts and other unsafe goods.

If you are an inventor or manufacturer, then you may already be aware of the dangers posed by counterfeit goods. If you are a consumer, then it pays for you to be informed with regard to the product categories in which you are most likely to be enticed by seemingly attractive dupes.

Handbags and Wallets

Upscale handbag and wallet brands such as Hermes and Coach have been plagued by counterfeits for years. Today, these knock-offs are mostly sold online. However, this business used to be conducted by New York City’s Canal Street manufacturers.

For the most part, it’s easy to spot knock-offs when it comes to brands like Fendi, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, but Hermes is different. While most counterfeits are poorly constructed and easy to spot, there was a conspiracy among Hermes employees to sell carefully made handbags that were almost indiscernible from the genuine article. Fortunately, this lucrative scheme has been terminated by authorities.

Apple Accessories

Everything from power adaptors to chargers is liable to be counterfeit. Back in 2016, Apple began warning consumers about the hazards represented by power adaptors that appeared to be genuine but were not. These products were spread across eBay and Amazon, and Apple ultimately sued a company known as Mobile Star after determining that they were selling bogus power adaptors. Unfortunately, Mobile Star was not the only bad actor.

Fake chargers also are widely available on the marketplace. The 2018 seizure of a shipment of knock-off Apple chargers in New York revealed that the bogus electronic equipment had a 99-percent failure rate. Additionally, improper insulation and faulty construction meant that these devices were a serious fire risk and put people in danger of electrocution.

Anything Disney

For years now, Disney has been given massive headaches by Chinese manufacturers. The good news for Disney is that they are a powerful and wealthy enterprise. This means that they are better endowed than most companies to fight the fakes being produced in China.

The Chinese government is trying to put the brakes on manufacturers of fakes too. They launched a special initiative in 2016 to help stem the tide of fake Disney merchandise. The effort paid off, but there are so many other traffickers in fake Disney goods that it ultimately did not solve the problem.


From Rolex to Cartier, knock-offs are a huge problem in the jewelry business. In fact, Rolex counterfeiters have gotten so good that TechCrunch began referring to them as superfakes. These knock-offs were so good that it was even difficult for experts to tell the difference between them and the real thing.

Similar problems have occurred with the famous Cartier Love bracelets. Cartier is itself one of the most frequently counterfeited brands, and there is a proliferation of websites on which Cartier dupes are sold.

In particular, the Love bracelet is a favorite among knock-off artists. While the real thing is quite heavy and expertly crafted, fakes are lightweight and the shoddy craftsmanship shows.


When it comes to shoes, athletic brands like Nike Air Jordans and super fashionable items like Yeezy’s are the most likely to be counterfeited.

Experts believe that Nike is probably the most faked brand in the world, with the Air Jordan line representing the most lucrative possibilities.

While Amazon is the most likely place to find counterfeit shoes, Instagram’s Checkout feature gave rise to a flood of dupes of Yeezy’s by Kanye West. The popular sneakers are among the favorite counterfeit items on the platform.

What Is Amazon Doing?

Amazon is one of the largest online purveyors of counterfeit goods thanks to its inclusion of third-party sellers. This is forcing the retail giant to enact measures to combat the counterfeiters.

Earlier this year, Amazon announced the establishment of a Counterfeit Crime Unit that was tasked with fighting the millions of counterfeit listings that the website publishes each year.

The Crime Unit is being asked to identify wrongdoers and bring legal action against them. This is done with the hope of preventing further fakes from making it to the site in the future.

In order for the effort to succeed, it’s essential that brands and consumers offer their full cooperation.

Concerned About Counterfeits?

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Author: Jeff Williams

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