Should I use an online patent service?

Februray 18, 2015

NO! Patents are probably the most intricate and complex legal document on the planet. Its value is found in the content within it, the way it was presented, and how it was claimed. Online patent services typically use a “fill in the blank” form or webpage allowing you to enter in information related to a predetermined topic or question. These are then arranged automatically in some format, then suddenly you have your patent application. The idea behind such services is to prey on the desire to save money. Although I don’t think costs for patent protection should be inflated or unreasonable; I do feel that you get what you pay for. Our advice, save your $300-$500 and invest it somewhere else and you would be better off.

As a side note, the only applications that we have not been able to get allowed because of disclosure problems were those done by online patent services. They are typically “one and done” type of shops that are not there to help when you get an examination. Spend the money to get it done right at a reasonable fee and you will be so much better off.

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