Top 6 Summer Inventions for 2019

For kids summer means freedom from school and endless fun in the warm sun, for adults it seems like life gets messier and busier. For others it’s a time of inspiration and innovation. Consider investing in some of these innovative summer inventions to help keep your Summer as cool and smooth as possible.

Bite Helper Bug Bite Itch Solution

No one likes the incessant itching that come with mosquito bites. The Bit Helper Bug Bite Itch Solution is a summer must-have to soothe the discomfort. The Bite Helper has a thermo-pulse metal tip on the end. Simply place the device on top of the bug bite and the thermo-pulse technology applies concentrated heat to the area and neutralizes the itching in seconds. Bite Helper is both drug and chemical free, and gentle for kids as young as 4-years-old. The compact device makes it easy to carry on all your summer adventures.

Picnic Backpack

No one enjoys stumbling in the summer heat with picnic baskets, blankets, and dishes, but this picnic backpack can make the whole process more enjoyable. Because of its convenient design, you can be sure that everything you need is one place. From food to plates to glasses to blankets, everything is tucked in neatly. Unlike picnic baskets, this backpack allows you to free your hands and gives you more mobility so you can hike to that perfect view for your romantic picnic.

Portable BBQ Suitcase

No picnic is truly completely without some juicy meat right off the grill. Luckily, with this Portable BBQ Suitcase you can bring the grill with you wherever you go, hassle-free. This portable charcoal grill is made out of high-grade stainless steel and has a convenient mess-free ash catcher. It can only accommodate cooking for two, so this is best used for an intimate event rather than a family reunion at the beach. The Portable BBQ Suitcase locks and closes securely for easy transport. This will definitely impress your picnic date.

Recycled Swim Shorts

If you think paper straws are an ingenious way to save underwater creatures, you’ll love these fashionable recycled swim shorts. These shorts are made by taking nylon waste and depolymerizing it. The material is then transformed into nylon 6 yarn. The yarn is then used to make these eco-friendly swim shorts. Not only will you look stylish splashing into the pool, but you can swim at ease knowing you are saving the planet.

Motorized Luxury Pool Lounger

Does laying on your back for hours while sunbathing bore you? Well, with this motorized luxury pool lounger you can get your summer tan going while having fun zooming through the water. This motorized lounger has twin propellers, and allows you to maneuver left, right, forward, and backward with ease. It’s dual push-button controls make it simple to use, and the lounger is easily assembled in a matter on minutes. The built-in cup holder ensures your cold drink stays safe as you zoom circles around your friends and family.

Mini Desktop Cooling Fan

There is nothing worse than sitting at your desk trying to meet an upcoming deadline but keep getting distracted by the sweat dripping down your face. This Mini Desktop Cooling fan is here to solve that problem this summer. The fan has three adjustable levels of power, and allows you to choose how to distribute the air flow. A single charge powers this small but mighty fan for 6.5 hours, ensuring you have enough breeze to get you through that deadline. The fan has a strong clamp that can easily attach to the edge of your desk, or even your laptop. No more suffocating feeling with the overwhelming heat, this fan will ensure you stay cool all summer long.

Summer is a great time to enjoy friends and family, and hopefully with these inventions summer 2019 will be the best one yet.

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Author: Jeff Williams

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