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Aerospace Intellectual Property Lawyer

With his particular blend of technical expertise and legal knowledge, Jeff Williams is well poised to help inventors working in the aerospace industry. If you or your company are developing aerospace technology in Texas, then Mr. Williams may be able to help you secure patent protection for your inventions. His significant professional experience relating to the aerospace industry spent at Lockheed Martin as an aerospace engineer enable him to grasp new technologies and to understand how they are innovative when compared to existing processes and equipment. It is this experience that leads numerous clients to seek his counsel and assistance when it is time to apply for a patent in the aerospace field.

Aerospace Patents

The aerospace industry has long been a competitive one, especially in the U.S. It’s easy to understand why since America’s history is thoroughly intertwined with the development of air and space craft. From the first flight of the Wright Brothers to the Apollo 11 moon landing and beyond, U.S. inventors have striven to make airplanes and rockets safer, faster and capable of going farther than ever before.

That commitment to competitiveness and innovation remains unchanged. People working in the industry today continue to design and manufacture cutting-edge airplanes, missiles, rockets and more. These innovations are usually the result of thousands of design hours and thousands more hours of building and testing. When such vast amounts of resources are invested in every single project seeking patent protection becomes crucial.

Designers and manufacturers in the aerospace industry deserve to benefit from the solutions they create. This is essentially what seeking patent protection does as it preserves the inventor’s right to profit from and utilize their invention however they prefer while preventing others from infringing on their rights.

Securing patent protection for inventions in the aerospace industry is not easy. In fact, thousands of patent applications are filed in this field every year. Accordingly, it isn’t always easy to draft a patent application that can successfully distinguish itself from the many others that have already been filed. The key to succeeding is often the quality of the intellectual property attorney who is hired to draft the patent application.

Texas aerospace patent attorney Jeff Williams has the technical knowledge and legal skill that are needed to produce a well-drafted patent application. Mr. Williams is recognized as an intellectual property lawyer who can deftly describe the particularly innovative components in any aerospace invention. Many clients in the industry have relied on Mr. Williams’ experience and writing skills when it is time to seek patent protection for their products. If you would like to know more about obtaining patent protection for aerospace inventions in Texas, contact Jeff Williams today for your free aerospace consultation.