Biotechnology Patents

What is Biotechnology

Humans have been using some form of biotechnology for thousands of years. It was biotechnology that made it possible to produce bread and cheese long before the term had even been coined. Today’s biotechnology industry is larger and more complex than at any other point in history. That is why pursuing a patent in this area is typically an uphill battle, especially in Texas. It requires a rare insight into both the biotechnology field and patent prosecution to secure intellectual property rights.

The biotechnology industry consists of business concerns both large and small. Some of these are multinational organizations in Texas while others are essentially an individual with a great idea. Regardless of the size of the company these scientific pioneers are solving problems that have plagued the world for decades. They are finding ways to feed the hungry, help everything run with less reliance on petrochemicals and developing medicines that cure dangerous diseases.

Biotech Advancement

Biotechnology innovations have saved lives around the world and made life a little easier by improving manufacturing processes. Biotech is used to decrease water consumption and increase crop yields. It makes it easier to detect illnesses and may provide cleaner, more efficient means of generating energy. There is literally no end to the useful application of biotechnology in the modern world.

Biotechnology harnesses the power of the natural world, even including the human body, and marries it to cutting-edge technology. Cellular and biomolecular processes are used to develop new processes and products that can revolutionize the way the world works. These inventions may involve bringing together a handful of ingredients in a new and ingenious manner or a complex process requiring an enormous plant and a host of new machines and hardware. Regardless, it’s necessary to protect these innovations.

225 years ago the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted its first patent and it happened to be for biotechnology. The subject matter of that patent was a improved process for creating potash. Since then, a broad range of biotechnology patents have been granted. These include inventions related to recombinant DNA, created living organisms, genetically modified organisms and more. The possibilities are practically endless, but obtaining patent protection is not an easy process.

Texas Biotechnology Patent Help

Williams IP Law provides skillful, knowledgeable counsel to inventors in the field of biotechnology. Obtaining a patent in this area is enormously difficult. Typically, it’s a feat that cannot be achieved by the inventor because they do not possess the legal background that an intellectual property attorney does. Working with a patent lawyer who has experience with engineering and technology handily solves this problem. Jeff Williams combines a depth of technical knowledge with the breadth of experience that comes from working with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for many years. The result is more successful patent prosecution that ensures the important portions of your invention get the protection they deserve.

Jeff Williams has spent years developing a reliable formula for working with biotechnology clients in Dallas, Houston and all around Texas. He spends the necessary time to understand the invention on a minute level before he begins drafting a patent application. When it is time to argue for the invention’s patentability with an Examiner from the USPTO, Jeff is adept at pointing out the distinctions between the current invention and other biotechnology innovations that have already been patented. His depth of knowledge makes him eminently well qualified to understand what is novel and inventive about each patent application and to help the Examiner recognize these distinctions as well.

Protecting biotechnology intellectual property is an indispensable part of doing business. Without such protection, companies cannot prevent others from using and capitalizing on their hard work. Obtaining a biotechnology patent is not usually an easy endeavor, but it becomes a more realistic outcome when you work with an experienced intellectual property attorney. With law offices in Arlington, Dallas and Houston you can learn more about how you can protect your biotechnology innovations.