Patent Technology

Brief History of Technology

A century ago few people could have foretold how prevalent advanced technology would become in everyday life or the intellectual property concerns behind it. It appears in every facet of modern existence from the way we work to how we stay in touch with those we love. It protects us in the form of security systems and fire alarms. It provides entertainment with video games and satellite radio. It preserves and prepares food, keeps us on schedule and makes complex financial transactions between distant nations possible. Technology holds enormous value for us all, Texas and worldwide.

Though technology is always evolving, it is certainly not a new invention. It’s been around since the earliest man learned to strike flints from stones, wield a club or light a fire. Still, today’s technology is far more sophisticated and advanced. Often, it’s also worth a great deal of money.

In Texas, today’s technological advances are typically aimed at improving quality of life or improving productivity and efficiency at work. They may offer a better way to wash clothes or vacuum the floor. Perhaps they speed up production at a massive factory or help clean up oil spills in the ocean. Some of them are intended only to entertain, providing games to help friends connect and puzzles that challenge the mind.

Whether these technological innovations are large or small, and whether they provide a utilitarian service or just bring a smile, each may be eligible for some form of intellectual property patent protection. The inventors who create new technology often spend years in research and development. This may involve several stages and include plenty of trial and error along with experiments and prototypes. The expenses are typically great, but faith in the value of the new technology drives the inventor forward.

Technology Patent

Obtaining a technology patent is the best way for the inventor to capitalize on their innovation. A patent provides the owner with the ability to prevent others from using or profiting from their invention without their permission. Thus, the patent owner has the exclusive right to manufacture and sell their technology, and this includes the ability to license the technology to another person or entity for an appropriate price.

The road to obtaining a technology patent is filled with potholes and working with the Law Office of Jeff Williams helps to smooth the way. Jeff’s comprehensive grasp of modern technology makes it possible for him to understand the nuances that set a new innovation apart from existing technology. This enables him to seek focused, functional patent protection that clients can use and enforce.

Jeff Williams works closely with each client so he understands their needs and their vision. This makes it possible for him to provide highly customized legal advice and services. Rather than seeking an easy, one-size-fits-all solution, Jeff strives to give each client advice that is tailored specifically for them. He provides honest, straightforward guidance based on extensive legal and technical knowledge. It’s a combination that has helped more than one inventor secure the intellectual property rights they need.

Contact Williams IP Law for your free consultation and to learn more about how to protect technological advancements. Jeff works with companies large and small as well as individual inventors who have a fresh and innovative idea. It may be possible to protect your invention, and Jeff Williams can help you pursue your dreams.