IP Litigation in Texas

Intellectual Property Defense

Intellectual property litigation is a particularly complex area of law. Practitioners who work in this area possess an extensive technical background in addition to their legal training. This makes them astute advisors who understand the sometimes minute nuances that distinguish one product from another. Their education and experience also prepares them to fight for their client’s intellectual property rights in court.

With his background in mechanical engineering and legal experience, Jeff Williams is poised to protect the IP rights of his clients. The vast majority of IP litigation matters begin with the infringement of a patent. An inventor or a business works hard to develop a new product or process. Recognizing the novelty and uniqueness of their invention, they seek to protect it with a patent. Then they see another product on the market with features remarkably similar to their own. They realize that their competitor may very well be profiting from their patented invention.M

The patent grants the inventor the right to prevent others from using their innovative idea. With the help of an experienced IP litigator it’s possible to defend these rights. IP litigation is rarely a quick and simple process. It may require months or years of tireless efforts to bring about a satisfactory conclusion.

The IP Defense Process

The process frequently begins with correspondence, such as a cease and desist letter that informs the competitor about the inventor’s patent rights. This may involve the creation of complex infringement and validity claim charts. A complaint may be filed with the court if the cease and desist letter does not produce the desired results. Discovery begins next, with each side demanding various documents and other items from the opposing side. Depositions may be taken, and the opinions of experts may be solicited. Various motions must be filed with the court, and the entire process may culminate with a trial.

It’s an arduous process, but it’s one that Jeff Williams has guided countless clients through before. He has helped clients enforce their patents through various adversarial actions. Through his efforts clients have received injunctive relief that prevents others from using their patent. He has also obtained considerable monetary damage for his clients. In some instances he has managed to negotiate a licensing deal that addresses the infringement issues and forges a mutually beneficial relationship between the parties.

These and other patent litigation outcomes are all possibilities. Each situation is unique, but with Jeff Williams’ experience, resolve and dedication, his clients know that their valuable IP is in reliable hands. Jeff doesn’t back down from even the toughest IP litigation. Whether you are an individual inventor, a small business concern or a nationwide corporation, Jeff Williams is prepared to aggressively protect your intellectual property.

Our firm can help you litigate a variety of intellectual property related matters including:

  • Contractual and licensing disputes;
  • Intellectual property ownership disputes;
  • Patent enforcement litigation;
  • Trademark or service mark enforcement litigation;
  • Unfair competition and false advertising disputes;
  • Counterfeit goods disputes;
  • Franchise enforcement litigation;
  • Copyright enforcement litigation;
  • Trade secret enforcement litigation;
  • Domain name disputes;
  • Technology related litigation;
  • eCommerce related disputes;
  • Domain-name disputes and ICANN proceedings;
  • Privacy and publicity issues;
  • Online advertising practices; and
  • Non-compete and non-disclosure disputes.

Our firm works in conjunction with local area counsel to represent clients engaged in intellectual property litigation & disputes in state and federal courts in Texas.