What our customers say about us

Here's what people are saying about the Williams IP Law.

“I started out trying the patent process by my own by filing a provisional application. It was very detailed. I had a different firm convert it to a non-provisional. They took my money but did a horrible job. Always felt like they nickel and dimed me. I went to Jeff and he straitened everything out and got the application allowed which the others could not. He was always available and prompt to reply to my calls/emails. Wish I used him from the start. Don’t go anywhere else. Start here with him.”


“I highly recommend using Mr. Williams for your legal needs. He is an intelligent, hard working lawyer who provides his clients the highest quality of representation. I strongly recommend Mr. Williams.”

–Abigail Kweller–

“Jeff Williams is a top notch lawyer. The fact that he has prior experience as an engineer puts him leaps and bounds ahead of other IP attorneys. His word is his bond, and he can be trusted to do whatever is best for you and your company.”

–Mike Allbee–

“Hard working and thoughtful describe Sharla Williams.”

–Larry Stafford–

“Can’t think of anyone else I would want taking care of my patent!!!”

–Donelle Quinn–

“Thank you for being very thorough in all of the work that you have done for us. Whether its rules, regulations, deadlines, billing, etc. Thank you for interpreting the “patent lingo” into English so that I could actually understand what was going on. You’re the best.”

–Natalie Haughawout–

“Sharla helped assist Jeff Williams, Esq. with my patent application. I endorse Atty. Williams, patent attorney. Easy to deal with and dedicated with his job.”

–Abraham Medina–