Trade Secret Law in Texas

Houston & Dallas/Fort Worth Trade Secret Attorney

An unpatented idea only has monetary value while it remains secret. If another party gains access to the idea, you may lose your claim to it. How will you keep your idea or invention a secret?

Attorney Jeff Williams provides trade secret law services to individuals and businesses in Texas, across the U.S. and abroad. We have an experienced intellectual property team who can assist you with the protection of trade secrets. We can also litigate on your behalf if another party discloses or steals your trade secrets.

Preventing And Litigating Trade Secret Violations

To adequately protect trade secrets, you must determine all parties that have access to them. Depending on the situation, this may include employees, owners and officers, salespeople, contractors, vendors, investors and consultants. Our firm can help you determine what you need to put in place to protect your trade secrets from employees and competitors. We can also evaluate your processes and procedures to see how effective they are at maintaining secrecy.

While no contract or process can absolutely guarantee that your information will remain confidential, you must have these things in place in case the information is disclosed. You can take action against parties that misappropriate trade secrets if you have taken adequate measures to protect them.

The firm provides a full range of trade secret representation and services, including:

  • Identification and evaluation services
  • Trade secret and know-how licensing/cross-licensing
  • Competitive intelligence services
  • In-house trade secret retention policies
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Employee entrance/exit counseling
  • Employee training policies
  • Compliance reviews and policies
  • Non-disclosure/non-compete/non-solicitation agreements
  • Litigation