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A trademark is a symbol or word that establishes connection between a person or company and a product, service or idea. Logos, brand names and taglines are often trademarked. To protect the things you use to identify your product or service, you can register a trademark or service mark.

Protect your product’s or service’s brand by registering a trademark or service mark. Williams IP Law can handle your application, ensuring that you comply with federal guidelines. We can also represent you in disputes or litigation if another party infringes on your federally registered mark. The firm offers a flat fee for application work while defending and prosecuting trademark matters are billed at an hourly rate.

The Benefits Of Registering Your Trademark

When you register your mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, you are permitted to use the registration symbol ®. Unregistered marks can only use the symbols TM for trademarks or SM for service marks. A registered trademark also provides you with standing to pursue infringement actions in federal court.

You can file a trademark application on something that is in use or that will be in use in the future. The process typically takes about a year. There may be one or two office actions with an examiner to determine the class of goods/service as well as the geographic restrictions.

Foreign Trademark Services

When dealing in international or foreign trademarks, it is important to use experienced trademark attorneys. We can assist you in filing a U.S. trademark application or internationally via the Madrid Protocol. Additionally, we have a close network of foreign associates throughout the world able to file your application. Unlike a lot of trademark law firms who merely do a Google search to find a foreign associate, we have personally met with and interviewed all of our foreign associates and selected those who share our goals of producing the best quality work at the most reasonable fee.

Houston & Dallas Trademark Services

You can rely on our experienced Houston and Dallas – Fort Worth trademark attorney for all your legal needs, including:

  • Trademark prosecution (domestic and foreign)
  • Trademark enforcement
  • Trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • Trade dress-related matters
  • Trademark clearance searches and opinions
  • Corporate name searches
  • Long-term branding and rebranding strategies
  • Cyberspace use and enforcement
  • Domain name-related matters
  • Trademark licensing and transfer agreements
  • Trademark due diligence
  • Trademark assignment and ownership matters
  • Counterfeit goods (read our blog on this subject)
  • Quality assurance and compliance issues

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